Because we’re Worth It!

We have a brand new face – introducing – ta-da! – Chihuahua on UserBase!

Marvel at the soft modern look, the new Sidebar that gives quick access to Help files, for new readers and for Contributors, see the rapidly increasing number of pages being translated to a number of languages, learn how you can easily get your language represented, find out how to get your application represented, and so much more!….
Oh yes, don’t forget to look for the Easter Egg!
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  • The User

    Is there a chance that these features will be available at techbase in near future?

    Comment | September 12, 2010
  • annew

    @The_User: In theory, yes. In practice, techbase is still on the older mediawiki engine, and many of the extensions we use won’t work on that. As usual it comes down to manpower. Neverendingo has put in an enormous number of hours to get UserBase this far, and although there has been some very useful help lately, he really could use some more help at the php level, I understand. Anyone interested in bringing the features to techbase – come and talk on #kde-www, or at least mail the team.

    Comment | September 12, 2010
  • Sam S.

    Wow, this is really neat!

    Comment | September 12, 2010

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