The default 'Easy Mode' on the EeePC is ideal for people who want to use basic Internet browsing, email, writing letters, playing a game or two and maybe listening to some music.  It's also attractive to children.  However, it's not long before you feel you have exhausted its possibilities, and there must be something more.  There is - but the software available directly from Asus is limited to upgrades of the installed software, so you have to start using it as a Linux computer.  Here are some of the things you need to know.

Tweaking the Easy Interface - when you like the idea, but miss some familiar tools

The Advanced or Full Desktop Mode - to get the power of the kde desktop

Getting more Software - hundreds of applications, free and legal for download

Hints and Tips - or How Linux differs from Windows -
new to Linux?  This will get you started

Making Spell-Checking Work
- for checking as you type