Creating a playable mpeg file

Build an mpeg2 file

The edit list is piped through a scaler and de-noiser, before creating an m2v file:

lav2yuv example.eli | yuvscaler -O DVD | yuvdenoise | mpeg2enc -f 8 -I 1 -q 7 -o example.m2v

-f 8 specified DVD output with dummy fields ready for dvdauthor to fill in.  -I 1 sets interlace-adapted motion compensation.  -q 7 or 8 is suitable quantization for DVD.

-f 4 = SVCD, -f=Standard VCD.  The quality loss is substantial, but where size is imperative, they can be useful.

The resulting file can be played by xine etc., but....

It is silent!  We still have to create a soundtrack.

Make the matching sound file

lav2wav example.eli | mp2enc -v 2 -o example.mp2

Stitch them together

mplex -f 8 example.m2v example.mp2 -o example.mpg

This is one scene completed for your project, but -

there is no title screen and only hard scene changes

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