Creating a DVD

This article mainly concerns using mjpegtools from the command line.  It is also worth looking at tovid and related packages.

If you are starting from an analogue source -

you will need a capture card.  Examples of ones based on the Zoran ZR36067 mjpeg codec chip are
- Buz, MiroPinnacle DC10, DC10+, LML33, Matrox Marvel.
- There is a link to the zoran driver on, and the Matrox driver can be found from

Most if not all of these are now obsolete, but are available on Ebay.  More modern analogue to DV converter cards can also be used.

Kernel modules to talk to the board -

        zr36060          zr36067          adv7175             saa7110
        zoran              i2c-algo-bit      i2c-core             videocodec

Some of these are included in recent versions of the kernel (post 2005?).

Everybody needs -

- Video4linux (v4l) installed and running
 - Cables -
svideo or composite from camcorder to capture card
audio from camcorder to soundcard line-in
- A toolkit to handle the conversion
- An application to handle the conversion
- A TV application - optional but useful while capturing
xawtv was fine for me in the past, but has been a problem recently.  I now simply monitor the camcorder's screen.
- Oodles of disk space
at least 15GB for a single DVD

Captured .avi files are huge.  Intermediate stage files are less big, bu there are many of them.  It may be necessary to move some files to temporary storage (DVD-RW?) if space is tight.

Putting it all together -

Relationship of components

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