Author and burn the disk

Dvdauthor is the tool you need next.  Authoring is as simple as

cd /path/to/images
dvdauthor -x my-dvd.xml

where my-dvd.xml looks like this:
<dvdauthor dest="my-dvd/">   <!-- EDIT ME -->
  <vmgm />
  <titleset> <titles>
       <vob file="title.mpg" />     <!-- EDIT THESE LINES -->
       <vob file="scene1.mpg" />   
       <vob file="scene2.mpg" />  
      <vob file="scene3.mpg" />
  </titles> </titleset>

This is all you need to create the structure which will play your production from start to finish.  Each scene is a chapter, so >| on the remote control will jump to the next scene.

Note - The directory 'my-dvd' in the destination file must be empty.  Dvdauthor will create AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders, with the necessary .ifo. bup and .vob files.

Before burning to disk you can check the layout by playing in xine:

xine dvd://path/to/my-dvd/

Command-line burning

Make a raw disk image using mkisofs/hdd:

mkisofs -dvd-video -o my-dvd.raw ./my-dvd

Burn image to disk using dvd+rw tools:

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/hdd=my-dvd.raw

Burning in K3B

Select New Video Project.  K3B will create the structure of directories.  All you need to do is drag the files that are located in /path/to/my-dvd/VIDEO_TS into the corresponding folder, then burn.

Note AUDIO_TS will be empty.

Coming soon -

Notes on creating a slide-show with music
Dealing with sound problems
Creating a DVD with menu and sub-menus

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